Complaints and Suggestions

Post all your hate and love here plz!! Thx!!


20 thoughts on “Complaints and Suggestions”

  1. Seems like a interesting novel. I hope there is R18+ stuff? xD Saw the mature tag on novel updates haha. Any idea on frequency of release?


  2. 生灵之气 – basically it’s “qi”; its the same thing as cultivators in those novels. It basically breaks down into “raw spirit gas” you could go with “Nature Qi” or “Breath of Nature”, or if you’re feeling silly, Orgone is technically the same concept from a western quack.


  3. There are several flower breeds that are rare and highly sought after by collectors and natural art specialists. Usually Orchids, some rare ones go for 200K usd or more to collectors. In theory if he used his wife’s company to order some rare seeds, he could have sprouted a rare plant and used the same contacts to sell them to a collector. I can only guess what plant it could be though. Alternatively he could be selling Bonsai (which might make more sense) the characters are similar enough that the author could have borrowed the japanese word 盆栽 and made it more chinese 盆花

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  4. Firstly, thank you for your work… 🙂
    suggestion – add night mode feature if possible, you can also try some color combinations that are both attractive and easy for eyes at day/night
    not much of a problem to me, but while scrolling down it lags

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  5. Please dark mode, people asked for it months ago, I will turn off adblock in exchange for it. I will even click the ad support links.


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