Chapter 3: Why are you blocking the road?

Chapter 003: Why are you blocking the road?

1%, 2%, 3%……

Was in the river, given a major electric shock, and it can still work?

Ye Qing’s plan doesn’t include data, so how can it auto update?

Due to these bizarre incidents, Ye Qing is even more unwilling to throw away his phone.

Currently the van is still in need of his rescue. So Ye Qing placed the phone back into his pocket and went on a breaking spree with his tools.

With just several smashes of the hammer, Ye Qing managed to rip a large piece of plank from the broken boats. Carrying it on his shoulder, Ye Qing hurriedly flipped over the pile of bricks and sprinted towards the van.

Nothing happened to the van while he was away. It was still parked in the wheat field just like before.

Placing the plank underneath the jack, Ye Qing quickly changed the broken tires and then moved the plank to the place where the rear wheels are stuck.

As soon as the van returned onto the road, Ye Qing changed to the lowest gear and furiously stepped on the gas petal. With a roar, the engines came to life and the van, in the hands of Ye Qing, suddenly became a tractor. Quickly leaving the fields behind.

Alright, since you’ve placed traps all over the trenches, then I’ll just circle around. You seriously can’t have traps all over the fields right?

Having successfully navigated past the wheat fields, the road conditions nearby have also gradually become better. Finally, he was able to muster some spare time, Ye Qing pulled out his phone to only see [Updating …… 25%]

As he was about to get back onto the main roads again, he heard sirens from emergency crews from far away. Looking in the direction of the sound, servel red fire trucks rapidly approached.

*Didi ~ Didi ~* As the two cars were about to meet, the fire engine at the front pressed their horns mercilessly. Indicating to this full of advertisement van to move out of the way.

The merciless honking continued, but Ye Qing is dead set on not moving and he also joined in the honking contest.

This road is just too narrow for two vehicles to pass side by side. As such, the fire engine is compelled to stop in front of Ye Qing’s van.

“You crazy?”

Someone wearing a full set of firefighting gear stuck out their head and anxiously roared at Ye Qing: “There is a car crash on State road 104 that is blocking the whole road. We’re heading there to save people, so why are you here blocking the road?”

The fire engines in the back also followed suit and rapidly stopped. With some pengs, several firefighters jumped out.

They are incomparably anxious and pissed. From their looks alone, there is a high likelihood that they will shove Ye Qing’s van out of the way if he doesn’t move it first.

“Comrade!” Ye Qing popped his head out of the window and yelled. “If I don’t block you, you gonna stop?”

“There are a bunch of unnavigable pits up ahead. You have to detour into the nearby farm fields to get past them.”


The firefighters are stunned. Even idiots know how to take a detour, what’s the need for your reminder?

“Someone covered the wheat fields there with a bunch of tire poppers. I just had one of my tires popped back there.”

Ye Qing cracked his voice but continued. “You guys be careful, you need to take a large detour before getting back onto the road.”

“The fuck……” The firefighters all exchanged shocked looks. They are familiar with popping other people’s tires, due to their tire sharks, specifically designed to catch those inspection escapees. But they never thought that one day they would encounter this stuff.

This wheat field owner has some serious resentment. Who would’ve thought that he would actually go this far just to prevent people from ruining his fields.

“Thanks comrade! You blocked us correctly, for your actions you really deserve a praise.”

The firemen driver waved a thank you as they moved pass. If Ye Qing hadn’t stopped them, then they would definitely be stuck in the wheat fields like idiots.

A single fire engine has 10 wheels, but they only have a single spare on hand. If they aren’t able to reach the scene, then isn’t it their fault for endangering the lives of those injured people?

Having completed his warning, Ye Qing quickly drove his van off the road, clearing the way.

The firefighters don’t have time to be thankful at the moment. They used bolt like speeds to get back on the engines and off they went. Time is precious, they don’t have a second to waste in these situations.

Not much later, an ambulance also came shrieking. Ye Qing face plamed, but still went to block them.

At 10 am, the commercial van finally made it’s way to the city’s people’s hospital.

Having parked the car, Ye Qing didn’t even bother to take a took at his phone but rushed towards the nearest ATM, because he needs to retrieve all his savings for the hospital bill.

Arriving at the surgery room on the third floor, as soon as the elevator doors opened, Ye Qing nearly got ran over by the people blocking the hallway.

Wearing simple clothing, the injured workers’ family and relatives all gathered around Xu Lan looking for answers. Otherwise they’ll file formal lawsuits against them.

The factory’s other workers are also here. They are also here for the result of Lu Xiaozhen and Qian Dongdong’s surgery. At the same time, they are also comforting the two’s relatives.

Several regional administrative officials and police officers are on site recording down the incident.

Although Pang Ruifeng looks pale, but his resolve is still as hard as steel. He insisted that the whole problem was due to a faulty controller. Saying that the system was in use for too long, it really needed to be replaced.

He has only worked for the factory for 4 months. Who knew how he confirmed that the controls are at their limits.

Having understood the cause of this incident, Ye Qing really has the urge of rushing up to Pang Ruifeng and beating the living daylights out of him.

At this time his mother, Xu Lan, quickly cleared away her tears and called out to Ye Qing to go look after Ye Jiangning first, she’s got this place covered.

Quietly asking for his dad’s bed number, Ye Qing nodded his head in confirmation.

Ye Jiangning is staying in the fifth floor of the hospital. Ye Qing shoved 10,000 some yuan into his mother’s hands before rushing off up stairs.

In front of the room, Ye Qing took a few deep breaths to clear his emotions before entering.

Inside the room is 3 people. The other two are all sitting in their beds and chatting with their family. It’s just that one there in the middle bed; alone and lying in bed.

Fully bandaged chest, bruises all over the face……

Suddenly, Ye Qing’s tears uncontrollably followed out. He went forward and called out, but Ye Jiangning didn’t reply back.

“He just came out of surgery. The anesthetic hasn’t worn off yet. The nurse said he’ll be out for another few hours.”

An aunty who was peeling an apple reminded. “You’re his son right? The nurse said your dad took a beating, do you know about this?”

Ye Qing wiped off his tears and nodded.

The aunty sighed but said nothing else.

Having requested the aunty to look after him for a bit, Ye Qing said he’ll be back shortly.

Having left the room, Ye Qing went straight to the nurse’s counter to ask about his dad’s condition.

The doctor on call pulled out a medical file and put the x-ray sheet onto a LED display.

“The victim’s injuries are nothing serious. Just a couple broken bones that have already been fixed with surgical plates. It’s best for the victim to rest while lying down. Don’t let him bend over or have excessive movement. Otherwise the plates might come loose.”

“Oh right, the victim’s surgery fees has already been paid for. The hospitalization fee and treatment fees can be paid for on the first floor.”

Hearing the diagnosis, Ye Qing felt relieved. Having thanked the doctor, he returned to the room and began to contemplate another problem. The problem of treatment fees.

His mom and dad have a few siblings. A brother in law, an uncle, and a sister in law. But they all live outside the province.

Their living situation isn’t that bad. Several tens of thousand is borrowable, but it’s still not enough.

Pulling out his phone, Ye Qing wanted to give his brother in law a call, but the words [Updating…… 63%] nearly made him smash it.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Why are you blocking the road?”

  1. I’m way too used to stories just going straight into it these days… Like chapter 3: second harem member or chapter 3: MC vs Demon Lord or something…
    So I’m relieved to finally seeing a story that actually takes some time to take care of the everyday life that is actually supposed to happen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seems like a good story. I like the way it takes time to establish everything instead of rushing through the plot. Also the little interesting daily observances that ground the story.


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