Chapter 4: Monster factory

Chapter 4: Monster factory

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Dad’s anesthetic hasn’t passed yet, so he is still unconscious.

Ye Qing felt his father’s pant pockets, but found nothing. The jacket is also gone, probably got shredded by the doctors.

Finding the time to go downstairs to ask his mom, she said she already called their relatives and managed to borrow 50,000 yuan for the time being. If it’s still not enough then she could ask for more, but there is going to be a wait.

“50,000 yuan?” As soon as money was mentioned, a well dressed youngster quickly stood up, came up to them and said in a righteous manner: “Bring out all your money, my uncle is still facing life and death on the surgery table. A compensation of 200,000 isn’t even close to being enough.”

“The money already went to pay the surgery fees, where else am I going to get money?” Xu Lan angrily replied back. “My husband took a beating from you guys, and I haven’t even started to ask for that compensation from you yet.”

“He deserves it. No boss are of any goo……” This youngster didn’t even finish his sentence, before Ye Qing slammed him onto the walls of the hallway.

Then the attacks came. A knee heavily smashed into this guy’s stomach.

There is no way that Ye Qing isn’t impulsive. His dad’s been beaten and the assailant is standing there as if nothing happened, going so far as to demand compensation. Right now what else is there in Ye Qing’s mind?

Steam can be seen rising from Ye Qing’s ears, just like smokestacks from old steam ships. If it wasn’t because of the police nearby, Ye Qing will definitely send this guy onto the surgery table as well.

“Where is the law? The assailant’s family can beat others?” The youngster spitted out as he painfully held onto his stomach.

“You just wait, we’re not letting this end here.” Following this line, two other youngsters stood out from the group and tried to join in the action.

“Enough!” One of the officers came up and blocked the two. “If you guy continue, then I can only bring you guys back to the station and lock all of you up for 15 days.”

Cao Yun also came over to stop Ye Qing from his rampage. He told Ye Qing that the ones who did the beating have already been taken away. There will definitely be answers.

Only now did Ye Qing find out that the bunch has already been taken away. Taking a look to get confirmation from his mom, Ye Qing is finally able to calm down.

However Ye Qing can understand, with stuff like this, the police also needed to consider the feelings of the victim’s family. Hence 15 day lock up is the best they can do in situations like this.

Everyone’s attention is all gathered here, hence no one noticed that the surgery doors were opened. It wasn’t until the doctor in charge called out twice, that everyone paid him any attention.

“How are they?” Ye Qing forgot about everything and hurriedly asked, along with Lu Xiaozhen and Qian Dongdong’s family, surrounded the doctor.

“No life threatening risks, the two have successfully been operated on. Qian Dongdong will have to stay in ICU for a couple of days to prevent further internal hemorrhaging.”

Hearing that there are no life threatening risks, everyone let out a sigh of relief and became somewhat relaxed.

However, a couple of the family members don’t know what ICU stands for. When they found out that it stands for intensive care unit, they suddenly turned ashened again.

Wait, there is no life threatening risk, then why the intensive care unit?

“There are a lot more instruments there, hence we are able to detect the victim’s pulse and blood pressure more accurately. If internal hemorrhaging does occur again then we are able to detect it immediately.”

The female doctor waved to let the tension pass. “You guys can relax. Though internal hemorrhaging poses a life threatening risk, as long as the blood is drawn out immediately, there wouldn’t be any harm do to the victim.”

No problem is good, use all the instruments and the best medicine are these family’s first thought.

Normally doctors love receiving these industry injured patients because it’s all external injuries. Easy to fix and care for.

Also easy to use some costly procedures to earn some extra. Because in the end, everything comes out of the boss’s pockets.

Ye Qing doesn’t understand stuff like this, even if he did, he wouldn’t say anything. These workers are all hurt in his family factory, so following the doctor’s instructions is of course unconditional. Not to mention, if people had any common sense, then no one would try to save money here.

Having finally seen Lu Xiaozhen and Qian Dongdong being moved into their patient rooms, Xu Lan is now finally able to go up stairs to look after her husband.

She knows that that factory doesn’t have much savings. Now seeing her husband lying there on the sickbed, plus thinking about the fees involved with the two worker’s compensation and medicare, tears began rolling again.

Ye Qing supported his mom’s shoulders and told her that he will take care of everything. Worse come to worst, he can always sell off some of the factory’s machinery.

Not long later, a nurse came in and handed a medicare bill to Ye Qing. On it, it clearly stated a day in ICU costs 8000, plus the two’s 22,000 surgery fee, there is only enough left on the account to last till tomorrow.

When the nurse left, the other five workers came in together.

“Um…… boss.” The five stuttered. Normally these guys all have some egotistic problems, but now they all have something to say, yet can’t put it into words.

“WHAT!” Ye Qing stated gloomy.

“We, ……, we discussed this amongst ourselves, and we all decided to resign.”

The oldest of the bunch, Cao Yun, embarrassingly said: “Boss, it’s not us being heartless. But from the current situation, the profits from the latest order will definitely be used to pay for the medical fees. And it probably isn’t even going to be enough. We also need to support our families. If we continue on, then you’ll still be owning us wages.”

Hearing that they all want to resign, Ye Qing is now truly desperate and explained: “I can first sell off some machines, including the CNC mill, for the medical fees and out source the CNC related works. Can’t you guys finish the order first?”

“Boss, Lu Xiaozhen and Qian Dongdong are responsible for the computer milling. While they are in hospital, we won’t be able to find someone in time to fill in their spots.”

“Plus the owner is injured. Without him directing, us workers have no clue what to do.” The few workers summed up the factory’s situation and explained it to Ye Qing one by one. “So how do we continue on? Cause one there is no pay, and two, the owner isn’t even on site.”

The conversation has already reached here, what else is there for Ye Qing to say?

“Guys please understand, the factory is in crisis, so there is no way to pay your wages immediately.”

Ye Qing stood up and reassuringly said: “I’ll go quickly to sell of the machines and try to make up for everyone’s lost wages. If you guys are still missing wages in a month, then you guys can come back to the factory and take the steel and machines.”

The few workers hurriedly replied we understand, we understand.

Then left. On the hospital side, Ye Qing can only leave it to his mom.

Ye Qing hastily ran off to the factory to inspect the CNC mill’s damages. The mill is guaranteed to the sold, but the problem is the price.

[Clear Sky Mechanical Saw Factory] is located in the southwest corner of Zhongyun’s industrial region. This is also where his dad and grandfather lives. In 09 when this region was still in development, Ye Jiangning followed the plan and build a production factory here.

The factory covers 2000+ square meters and comes with a back yard. In the beginning to attract businesses, the land and yard here were all pretty cheap. Hence why they were able to use this much land.

This building is Ye Qing’s family’s biggest immovable asset. It’s just that the manufacturing industry in Zhongyun has been on a slump. So there are a bunch of empty and unsold buildings left in the region.

Preparing for the worst, Ye Qing entered the factory’s workshop.

Processing tools, cutting tools, automatic wire welding system, 10 ton floor press, drilling and milling tools, and so on are all the factory’s core. But these stuff in the current economy are like waste paper, absolutely worthless.

The only thing worth anything in the factory is the CNC mill. Having passed the pile of steel plates, Ye Qing finally got to see the damaged mill.

He clearly remembered, back in 09, the sight of leviathan being hoisted and installed in with mighty cranes. The excitement and anticipation back then is indescribable.

One story tall, dozens of meters long machine fully made up of steel has an astronomical shock and awe value to any youngster.

This full metal excitement, this machine belonged to [Clear Sky Mechanical Saw Factory], in particular, it belonged to him.


Seeing CNC mill with the machine bed which had fallen on it’s workbench, the broken pulleys, the smashed computer assisted arm system, and of course that dark red bloodstain on the floor.

Having lightly stroked the mill’s stamped engravings, Ye Qing walked towards the factory’s office section with resolve.

There are 3 floors and 14 rooms in the factory. The first floor is for all the components, the second is Ye Qing and his dad’s office space, while the third floor is for the workers eat and sleep.

Having arrived at his office on the second floor, Ye Qing powered on his computer and prepared to post an advertisement for a second hand CNC mill in the local forums.

There isn’t much of a fluctuation with second hand machine prices because the bigger the machine, the more attention is paid towards the precision loss caused by its stress levels. Normally after a few years of use, the precision levels of the machine is still comparable to those newly built.

But now that the mill is broken, add on the inflated metal prices spike in 09, the nearly 1 million yuan machine, after careful contemplation is roughly only worth 200,000.

Only like this, can the buyers be interested and guarantee the item to be sold quickly.

While slowly composing the ad post, the quiet office is suddenly broken by the vibration of a cell phone. This gave Ye Qing quite the scare.

Wasn’t the phone doing some crappy upgrades? Since when can it vibrate?

Pulling the cell phone out of his pockets, Ye Qing’s originally free phone that came with his plan, suddenly changed.

The original plastic covering, changed into an ice cold metal case.

The charger and earphone plug all disappeared……


Strange to the point of beyond strange!

Calming down his excitement, Ye Qing pressed the power button. Noticing the words upgrade complete on the cell phone, a fingerprint suddenly appeared on screen.

“I’m definitely dreaming!” Ye Qing with his shocked expression, doubtingly put his thumb on the fingerprint.

*Di ~ Di ~” After two sounds, the cell phone’s fingerprint reading process is complete.

Yet the thing that is getting under Ye Qing’s skin is that after the system upgrade, everything in the original system has been deleted. This includes all pictures, and contacts.

In the barren screen, there is only one app. [Monster Factory]

No internet, no signal.

Monster factory, what is this?

Ye Qing is clearly dumbfounded. The phone being able to release 10,000 voltage shocks is scary enough, now the whole phone has changed.


This is an alien joke?

Ye Qing, who has already been scared numb, suppressing these feelings as he opened the only application on the phone.

Monster factory: This is the residence of a race of magical monsters. They love physical work, experts with all machines, and their obsession with the field of machinery is beyond imaginations. Even to the point where they care more about machines then their lives.

They are all extremely smart. Possess astonishing physiques and hidden abilities.

Electric welding, machine tools, milling machines, drilling machines, computer guided machines, laser welding, five-axis machining center, seven-axis CNC machining center, million ton hydraulic press ……

There is only the unthinkable. Else there is no machine out there that these monster don’t know how to operate.

The app also includes a magical shopping center. Offering all kinds of processing tools.

Normal ~ Uncommon ~ Rare ~ Unique~ Legendary ~

Handheld cutting tool (Quality: Normal)

Cutting abilities +15%

Handheld drill (Quality: Uncommon)

Drilling depth +25%
Drill speed +5%

Dial caliper  (Quality: Uncommon)

Measurement precision +40%
1% chance of perfect measurements

Flame cutting machine (Quality: Rare)

Cutting abilities +150%
Flame temperature +100%
Cutting speed +80%
Cutting precision +15%

Metal damage detector (Quality: Legendary)

Damage depth +200%
Damage precision +200%
Density penetration +200%
Damage type +50
5% chance of activating complete detection, this scan ignores the obstruction of all matter

All of kinds of tools are available!

Ability to recruit hero level monster are available at later stages.

Ye Qing is completely dumbstruck as he scratched his head while reading this introduction.

Kai: For some of the tool names, just take it as creative licence/ me not knowing :3

Tl: most of the tools introduced here are real, it’s just that some might not be named correctly

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