Chapter 36: Horses

Chapter 36: Horses

Translated by me, edited by Kai

*Sigh* Jiang Hai let out a sigh after taking a long look at the mirror. Within the mirror is his tattoo with all its scales and it’s glory.

“Sure enough, to raise my powers, apart from the power coming from the plants and the environment, the amount of animals here also matter.” Jiang Hai said excitedly to himself.

Today is the seventh day after he bought the cows. Yesterday, Lehmann delivered 15,000 heads of cows that he had ordered. Out of the 15,200 heads, 900 of them were rejected by Robins and the others due to their poor quality. As a result, they have a bit less than 20,000 heads of the estate. This 20,000 mark is only an approximation. It’s fine if they are over or under by a little bit.

Jiang Hai doesn’t understand any of this, but Robins and others clearly do. To make a good impression on their boss, they put in all their efforts and pointed out all the cows that have or may have some negative conditions. Towards this, Leymann can only keep his mouth shut and accept it. But even with the rejections, he still made a huge profit, enough to last him for the next few years.

Before he left, Leymann specially left behind 1000 lambs for Jiang Hai. Lambs in America are quite cheap when compared to the prices in China. Although Jiang Hai quite likes roast lamb, but the prices in China before he left were quite a barrier. A single roasted leg of lamb cost over 300 yuan, and the cost of a whole roasted lamb is beyond imagination.

However he is in luck now having moved to America. This lamb herd is definitely not for sale, rather, it will be used to satisfy his cravings. After having settled all the livestock, Jiang Hai discovered a huge problem.

This problem comes from the amount of scales on his body. These couple of days, there were no increases in the number of scales. Three scales a day for a drop of blood which needs to be diluted and used to water the grass. After many days of hard work, he has finally finished watering all the grass near the shed. These grass now appear much more lush and grow much quicker. At the same time, the amount of power they provide also increased.

The cow’s growth speed has somewhat increased, but it is still not very clear after just 1 week. As for the newly arrived cows, they calmed down quite nicely after consuming the nearby grass.

However when the 5000 heads of cows just moved in, Jiang Hai felt an minute increase in the growth rate of his scales. From the normal 3 pieces a day to almost 4 pieces a day. He originally thought this change was a mistake, but he was delighted after all the cows and the lambs had settled. The normal 8 hour growth period has been shorted to just 3 hours. This means an increase of 8 scale pieces a day.

The snake tattoo requires a total of 1080 scales. Under his current growth speed, it will only take roughly 135 days before he ranks up. This is only the result of the ranch expansion. If he starts to raise fish in the near future, then the results will be much better.

Looks like there really is hope to rank up! Thinking up to here, Jiang Hai suddenly thought of his current problem. The need to water all the grass in the ranch. According to the area remaining, he still needs approximately 200 for drops before it’s all watered. 200 drops meant 600 scales, which is quite a long time to wait. However, there isn’t much he can do about it. He can only wait this period out slowly. Since he bought this piece of land, then of course he needs make to make it worth something.

After letting out a long sigh again, Jiang Hai put on his new bathrobe and entered his bedroom. Having turned on the TV, he then lied down beside the 2 dogs on the huge bed. Feeling the incoming Jiang Hai, the two didn’t dodge, rather they searched for a more comfortable position with him there and accompanied him in watching the 3D TV.

While watching TV, Jiang Hai is thinking what to do tomorrow. He had passed these days with almost the same routine. Wake up, feed the dogs, and then water the ranch with his blood diluted water. Rest during noon and procrastinate in the afternoon, since he has all the time in the world.

If it wasn’t for Robins commandeering all the ATVs for work, then he would’ve taken one to the beach. Since walking there seriously takes too long.

Having gotten some roast meat from the Turner’s, he fed some of it to the dogs and then proceeded to enjoy his food with some beer on the balcony. Feeling the wind, seeing the stars, these days passed quite pleasantly.

Of course, if this was someone else, then they might find this lifestyle boring. But for a previous otaku like Jiang Hai, this kind of lifestyle is what they imagined having.

*Dlinglinglingling….” Just as Jiang Hai was about to go to bed, his headboard phone suddenly rang. This phone is not like his cell phone as this one is specifically designed to be used inside the estate. Having woken Yun up, he quickly went to retrieve the phone which was followed by Jiang Hai answering it.

“Hey boss, it’s me Robins. I want to know when are we going to go buy horses.” Hearing the connection, Robins spoke. But upon hearing this, Jiang Hai was dumbstruck. So this was what he forgot.

“Any time!” For cowboys, a horse is a must have. Although ATVs are faster and can be used longer, but they also have many down sides. One, they have bad response timing at fast speeds. Two, it’s just too short. Fine for regular patrols, but impractical for watching the herd. Three, it’s a machine so it’s not as comfortable during use compared to horses. Jiang Hai has already inquired about the acquisition of horses from Bell, but due to recent events everyone had forgotten about it.

“Then let’s go tomorrow. This time we have too many cows, although they are currently very docile, but who knows what they might do later. So let’s have them stay inside for the next few days and wait for the cattle dogs to be ready before letting them out again.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s response, Robins continued.

What do these cowboys really want to buy? For sure cows place number one. Then it is not cars or dog, but rather horses since they allow them to do their jobs more effectively.

“Sure, tomorrow it is.” Jiang Hai confirmed that he has got nothing planned tomorrow and answered.

“Alright, tomorrow it is.” Hearing Jiang Hai’s confirmation, Robins replied and hung up.

Jiang Hai played some games before heading to bed early with the two dogs. The two also know the rules for staying in Jiang Hai’s room. One they must go outside to use the bathroom and two they can’t bring or eat anything within the room.

The morning of the next day, well it’s 8 am but it’s still considered early for Jiang Hai, he is already up. He first got a meal of spaghetti and sausages from Mrs.Turner then left for the horse farms with Robins.

Originally Jiang Hai loved to eat western food, since in China, it is considered a luxury and a symbol of class. Even a fast food meal cost a hundred yuan. By his previous income standards, he really is unwilling to spend this money. Now having moved to America where these things are cheap as all heck, what is there to stop him from eating his fill of them? Hence he has been eating these for the past while. What Mrs.Turner makes isn’t burger and the likes, but it is still high calorie food. At the same time, Jiang Hai isn’t afraid of being fat, since his body is just too OP (1).

Now he really wanted to have some Chinese cooking. Stuff like bean curd, crepe, and fried dough is what he really craves. But now the problem is both he and Mrs.Turner don’t know how to make them and he really don’t want to eat those sweet and sour foods forever.

Because he is still waiting for his licence, so he can only look and not drive his cars. Leaving the estate with a 750, they didn’t head towards Winthrop, rather towards Boston. Winthrop is a coastal town so there are a lot of fishing gear and boats up for sale but no horses. Due to risk of hurricane and the likes, most horse farms are further inland.

After half an hour on the road, they arrived at a medium-sized ranch. However this ranch does not raise cows but horses of all kinds. Having parked the car, they were met with someone as soon as they exited.

“Hey Bob, it’s me.” Robins yelled as he waved. The recipient of this yell was clearly stunned, but came greeting with smiles.

“I was wondering which moron would drive a beast like this to my farm. I thought it was some idiot from Boston, but never thought it would be you.” This person stated while happily exchanging greetings with Robins.


1. Kai: I want this too q.q

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      1. Probably. I wouldn’t be surprised considering most Chinese web novels are slow paced. Not a big deal since the novel is enjoyable~


      1. I’m just waiting for him to go back and get the dragon blood for the blood god and the bones for the bone throne. Nevermind. Still though, with the age of his minerals, they should have gotten a great price. Sadly, he can’t really share their history. The thing is, he now knows that if he is to ascend. Naturally formed glass is expensive. So he can just get a lab to grow it for him. Just needs a way back and forth or a space ring. I assume the tattoo, or his stomach will act like that. Poor kai. With a stomach flatter than the chest. The chest of translations. Dat booty is poor, just pieces of broken naturally formed glass galore.

        tl;dr: MC is really in a coma with ranch sauce and blood smeared on his face.


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